Who am I

Hi there ! I’m Arya, a 23 years old student in computer sciences. I grew up among computers, and built a life-long passion to it. I wrote some funny facts about it in “My Story”. I’m also interested in the interface between human/computer and human/robots. I do appreciate and getting involved in the commercial and organization work too. I mostly grew up in Paris area, and lived in different countries, Greece, Netherlands-Belgium border and France, Germany and Switzerland border. I have always been curious about different places and cultures. Below are some additional facts and information about me that I wanted to share with you.

3 causes I believe


The environment is a big concern nowadays. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy a nature environments and animals habitats that have not been disturbed by humans activities. We did transform our planet in a way that is dangerous for all of the species.

Gender Equality

Everything started when I was around 12 years old, I discovered that my mother was paid around 200€ less than her male colleagues. It isn’t only about salary, but about all the aspect of gender equality in our societies.

Minorities rights

Minorities has less communication power and influence. No one else than them can understand what they’re going through and feeling. They don’t have to be discriminated in any way because they are just different than the majority. Differences and tolerance are the key for a better world. I do believe that there is place for everyone in earth.

Personal quotes

  • One day, you will miss this day.

  • Don't be too sad about your problems, it can always get worst.

  • Panic won't resolve any problem. Chill and think.

  • There is no truth, there is only point of view out there.

Other favorite quotes

  • ``Be the change you want to see in the world``. Gandhi

  • ``Be insatiable, be crazy``. Steve Jobs, 2005, Stanford University

  • ``Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.`` Nelson Mandela.

  • ``In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.`` Albert Einstein.

  • ``You have to be enthusiastic of your job to excel.`` Denis Diderot.

My sense of humour