Secure your online privacy & data


Use the internet without getting tracked

1- Use a VPN, I advise VPN.ACregarding their policies, servers, options and software.


2- Use Firefox Quantum and deactivate WebRTC.


3- Install following plugins on Firefox (NoScript, uMatrix, RandomUserAgent, Ublock, CookieDelete, HTTPS Upgrade, Decentraleyes.


4- Use a search engine that doesn't sells your data, or at least sells it for good actions.


5- Use an encrypted way to communicate (Telegram, Signal,..). Whatsapp(Facebook) is probably selling the data before encrypting.


6- On smartphone, I use the Brave browser, best one so far.



Delete old accounts

1- Use the thunderbird software to download your mails from all your email accounts.


2- Search for emails of account creation with keyword like "Confirm email", "new account", etc.


3- Log to these accounts, modify all the informations with fakes one. 4- Delete the account afterward.