Fix USB FlashDrive for Iphone/Android

Hi, if you also bought an USB Flashdrive that could work with your USB, Lightning and Micro-USB. But none of the IOS App isn't recognizing it, I've found the solution for you. Successfully working with the IE824 Model, that had to be used with the app I-Easy-Drive.

Picture of the flashdrive

1 - Download :

Download the following software, only Windows. Working on W10. Verified with ESET NOD 32 (19121 - 201904010): Download link

2- Extract the zip :

Extracted zip software

3- Run the software : AmReaderMp.exe

Software is running

4- Plug the USB flashdrive to your PC

flashdrive plugged

5-Click on START ALL button

Process is done The software should show you these steps : Burning SPI -> Comparing... -> Reading SPI -> PASS
The USB Flashdrive should be immediatly recognized by your IOS device. I'm using the i-easyflash App :
I'm not aware of any bug during this procedure.